About Me




  • Kudos

    A discord bot with an honor economy and many custom features. Started to port from c# to ts for a better library.
    [paused, but maintained] GitHub
  • custom-scroll-behaviors-js

    A library for scroll events on webpages. Also used for this site. Has plans for next versions.
    [paused] GitHub
  • My Web Page

    You are currently on it. Presence to the world. Testing space for my libraries or ideas.
    [rarely updated] GitHub
  • Jupiter - Die WebUntis Alternative (offline)

    An interface for WebUntis that supported features like Untis and more (free rooms, notifications for changes). Discontinued since I'm no longer in school. If you have interest in it you can text me (needs maintenance, is free to host).
    [discontinued] GitHub
  • Trading Bot

    A Bot trading on
    [in progress]
  • Less interesting:

      discord-js based library in NestJs style
      bot based on this library
      youtube player and downloader